Monday, January 23, 2012

Check out this new paper pack

Consultants get a short preview period with the new products before our customers can order them. I have been working with the paper pack called Stella and boy do I love it. I've only used 2 of the different b & t sheets and can't wait to make more layouts with this paper. I bought the complement canvas shapes and love them! Love the texture of them and I really love the sayings. This paper may have a girl name but I used it on these layouts from when my son was 3 and love them. I also used a flip flap (I tried to show it in the picture where you can see my hand). Just can't forget about these. What a great way to get an extra couple of pictures on your layout and at $3.95 for 15 of them you just can't beat the price.  In addition to the 4 x 6 size there is the 12" assortment and now there are 6 x 6 protectors as well. These layouts were done using patterns in our "how to" books. That sure makes layouts easy and they look so good!

Did you notice the strip of brown paper with the stitching on it and the strip with words like family, the ties that bine, love, together we can move mountains, laughter and remember? These are the zip strips off of two of the pieces of b & t. These strips are above the 12 x 12 piece of paper and are accent pieces that come with all paper packs. I love these!

I added some 12 x 12 sheets of paper but I already have 4 pages and a lot of paper left. Can't wait to use it some more!

Brown stitching zip strip on this page

Word zip strip on this page

Flip flap here:

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