Thursday, June 20, 2013

These are all available while supplies last so order today!

Spring 2013 Retiring List: 6/20/13
Part Description Category Family
1771 WaterbrushMedium Tool coloring 
G1053 Workshops on the Go® Chantilly Scrapbooking Kit WOTG Layout
G1054 Workshops on the Go® Buzz and Bumble Scrapbooking Kit WOTG Layout
G1055 Workshops on the Go® For Always Scrapbooking Kit WOTG Layout
G1056 Workshops on the Go® Claire Scrapbooking Kit WOTG Layout
G1057 Workshops on the Go® Later Sk8r Scrapbooking Kit WOTG Layout
G1058 Workshops on the Go® Tommy Scrapbooking Kit WOTG Layout
G1059 Workshops on the Go® Surf's Up Scrapbooking Kit WOTG Layout
G1060 Workshops on the Go® For Always Cardmaking Kit WOTG Card 
G1061 Workshops on the Go® Chantilly Cardmaking Kit WOTG Card 
G1062 Workshops on the Go® Canvas Art Kit   WOTG   home d├ęcor 
W1123 Spring Summer 2013 B&T Duo Sampler Supply Supply
X7155B Avonlea Paper Packet Paper Product Level 2
X7155C Avonlea Complements Canvas Shapes Accessory Complements
X7156B Clementine Paper Packet Paper Product Level 2
X7156C Clementine Complements Canvas Shapes Accessory Complements
X7157B Dakota Paper Packet Paper Product Level 2
X7157C Dakota Complements Silver Foil Images Accessory Complements
X7159B Scholastic Paper Packet Paper Product Level 2
X7159C Scholastic My Stickease® Assortment  Accessory Complements
X7164B Buzz and Bumble Paper Packet Paper Product Level 2
X7164C Buzz and Bumble My Stickease® Assortment  Accessory Complements
X7166B Claire Paper Packet Paper Product Level 2
X7166C Claire Complements Canvas Shapes Accessory Complements
X7167B Later Sk8r Paper Packet  Paper Product Level 2
X7167C Later Sk8r My Stickease® Assortment  Accessory Complements
Z1081 ColonialWhiteWaxyFlax Accessory Ribbon
Z1088 ChocolateWaxyFlax Accessory Ribbon
Z1089 BlackWaxyFlax Accessory Ribbon
Z1096 EmbroideryFlossNeutralAssortment Accessory Ribbon
Z1246 EmbPowderCocoa Tool coloring 
Z1267 Paper/StampOrganizer8.5x11(3) organization  
Z1326 Sparkles Red, Pink & Purple Assortment Accessory embellishment
Z1327 Sparkles Blue & Green Assortment Accessory embellishment
Z1347 12 x 12 Post Bound Album- New England Ivy Album album
Z1350 embossing powder topiary Tool coloring 
Z1351 embossing powder dutch blue Tool coloring 
Z1358 Buttons Basic Assortment  Accessory Buttons
Z1366 Brads Metal Assortment Accessory brads 
Z1369 Buttons Red Assortment  Accessory Buttons
Z1370 Buttons Pink Assortment Accessory Buttons
Z1371 Buttons Blue Assortment Accessory Buttons
Z1372 Buttons Green Assortment  Accessory Buttons
Z1392 2" Scallop Circle Punch  Tool cutting
Z1410 Antiqued Copper Designer Brads Accessory brads 
Z1412 10-Things Pocket Paper Product cards
Z1450 Cork Color-Ready Alphabet Accessory Color Ready
Z1474 6" x 6" Kraft Die-Cut Cards & Envelopes Paper Product cards
Z1487 Mini Medley Accents Pewter Collection Accessory mini medley
Z1489 Mini Medley Accents Olive Collection Accessory mini medley
Z1612 Paper Clip Pins Accessory foundry
Z1697 Mini-Medley Accents Smoothie Collection Accessory mini medley
Z1703 Wooden Badge Buttons Accessory Buttons
Z1704 Pewter Badge Buttons Accessory Buttons
Z1710 Just Blooms® Paradise Paper Flowers Accessory Flowers
Z1718 Color-Ready Garden Wooden Shapes Accessory Color Ready
Z1719 Color-Ready Evergreen Cork Shapes Accessory Color Ready
Z1721 3” x 3” Kraft Envelopes Paper Product Cards
Z1722 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" Kraft Envelopes Paper Product Cards
Z1723 5” x 7” Kraft Envelopes Paper Product Cards
Z1724 6” x 6” Kraft Envelopes Paper Product Cards
Z1734 Irresistibles™ Persnickety Journaling Spots Accessory Journaling
Z1736 My Creations® Mini Banner Crafts My Creations
Z1739 My Creations® Milk Carton Crafts My Creations
Z1740 My Creations® Bookmark Album  Crafts My Creations
Z1748 Brocade Assortment Accessory Level 2
Z1755 Posh Journaling Spots Accessory Journaling
Z1766 Memo Assortment Accessory Level 2
Z1773 Color-Ready Noted Canvas Shapes Accessory Color Ready
Z1774 My Creations® Canvas Journal Crafts My Creations
Z1780 Wrangler Assortment Accessory Level 2
Z1794 Cottage Assortment Accessory Level 2
Z1798 Black Tulle Ribbon Accessory Ribbon
Z1810 Later Sk8r Assortment  Accessory  Level 2 
Z1813 Claire Assortment  Accessory  Level 2 
Z1821 Buttons Black Assortment Accessory Buttons
Z1827 My Creations™ Paper Pouch - Small   Crafts   gift 
Z1828 My Creations™ Paper Pouch - Large  Crafts   gift 
Z1831 Buzz and Bumble Assortment  Accessory  Level 2 
Z4134 Handle and Swivel Base organization  
Z4136 ExclusiveInksOrganizerCarryingCase Organization  
Z4200 AccessoriesOrganizer Organization  
Z578 Corner Rounder Tool cutting
Z608 EmbossingStylusMedium Tool  
Z655 EmbPowderOlive Tool coloring 
Z656 EmbPowderOutdoorDenim Tool coloring 
Z659 EmbPowderCranberry Tool coloring 
Z670 EmbPowderBlack Tool coloring 
Z672 EmbPowderRed Tool coloring 
Z673 EmbPowderWhite Tool coloring 
Z724 EmbossingPen Tool coloring 
Z906 BambooWaxyFlax Accessory Ribbon

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm not very good.....

at keeping this blog up to date. I would highly encourage you to check out my facebook page at which gets updated more often.

In the meantime, here are a few projects I just completed:

This one uses the ruler to mark the holes to make the zig zag stitch by hand. It is easy and fun!

This is faux stitching. I embossed and sanded the lines and then poked the holes in using the ruler. Looks like I stitched it but I didn't!

 The stitching is along the edge of this card. I also used the new pigment black ink and embossed the sentiment before coloring in the Congrats. The black really pops this wah.
Just rolled pieces of Tommy paper and a star from the cricut that I then stamped. Love how it turned out.